Friendly For Beginners

Easy to use, and no coding skills are needed!

Friendly For Experts

Nice symbiosis between code: generated or written by hand.

how it works


Make an Arduino Based Project

Choose your favorite components and make a project:

Arduino compatible board

(e.g. Uno, Mega, Nano,
Pro Mini, etc.)

Communication board

(e.g. Ethernet shield,
WiFi module, etc.)

Other Input/Output components

(e.g. buttons, displays, LEDs
motors, etc.)

Your awesome hardware project


Design the Board Diagram

From the board diagram, you define which components are connected to the

Arduino board, and how they relate to each other. We call these elements board petals.


Design the User Interface Diagram

From the user interface diagram you create UI petals, that correspond to HTML widgets.


Using the Quick/Easy mode you create a beautiful and functional user interface in a blink of an eye.

Or you can go Advanced, and have a finer control over the petals (that leverage the popular Bootstrap UI framework).


Generate Code, Run and Control From Your Browser

Flowerino generates code (highly optimized, object oriented) from your diagrams (board and user interface).


Download the code to your computer and upload it to Arduino (e.g. using Arduino IDE).

Power on the board, and connect to it’s IP address (from your mobile or desktop web browser).

Flowerino Community

When your project is finished, you can easily create a good looking presentation page for it. Upload pictures, link YouTube videos, add text content and then share the project with the community.
Not to mention that browsing existing projects from the community
is a fantastic source of ideas for your next projects!

Browse Projects


Generated Code
Hand Written Code

Generation vs. Runtime balance

  • Between: how much logic is incorporated into the runtime components/framework,
  • How much detail is drawn on diagrams (and then generated),
  • And, how ugly (or how nice ) the generation templates look.

Great tool for people with no or little dev experience

Without needing to write a single line of code, there is a huge amount of functionnality provided out-of-the-box after generating a project.

Great tool for experienced developers

It's easy to add custom code by hand. When the project is re-generated, the hand written code and generated code continue to coexist happily.

Awesome Extensibility

If you know C++, it's easy to extend Flowerino by adding new petals (i.e. colored diagram elements + generation templates + framework C++ classes), that can be shared with the community.

Functional and easy to use diagram editor

Draw diagrams in minutes. And then, collaborate on diagrams with others in real time.

Internet of Things + Do It Yourself is easier and more fun with: