Flowerino v0.6.0 has been released:

  • We developed Flowerino Plugin. A small plugin for the Arduino IDE (v1.6.5+). It simplifies a lot the development flow between diagramming in Flowerino (within the browser) and Arduino IDE (within the IDE, used to upload code and maybe add manual modifications.
  • The manual download method (i.e. the old method) was improved. There are better explanations and existing projects can be correctly generated/downloaded even without being logged in.
  • Various bug fixes.

We have added a new component, in order to use the ESP8266 WiFi module, and we have posted a sample project: Control Lights (w/ ESP8266 WiFi).


It has the same functionality as the other project, Control Lights (w/ Ethernet Shield), but it connects to the local network via WiFi instead of Ethernet cable.

And talking about ESP8266 modules: they are great. However, we have noticed that usually they cannot be used efficiently right out of the box. So we wrote some step by step tutorials for flashing the firmware, and connect to PC and interact via serial with Putty.