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Flowerino v0.6.0 Release Notes. New Sample Project: Control Lights with Arduino + ESP8266 WiFi

Flowerino v0.6.0 has been released: We developed Flowerino Plugin. A small plugin for the Arduino IDE (v1.6.5+). It simplifies a lot the development flow between diagramming in Flowerino (within the browser) and Arduino IDE (within the IDE, used to upload code and maybe add manual modifications. The manual download method (i.e. the old method) was [...]

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ESP8266 with AT Commands – Connect from PC with PuTTY

This posts shows the steps needed in order to communicate with the ESP8266 module from the PC, using PuTTY. You will be able to write AT commands and see the output. This may be useful for various usages, e.g. for checking the version of the firmware, or for more advanced understanding and debugging operations. SEE [...]

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ESP8266 with AT Commands – Flashing/Updating the Firmware (step by step)

The ESP8266 is a remarkable system on a chip (SoC), for its features and price. It can be used in multiple modes. E.g. : Used as a WiFi adapter, by a master micro controller (e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi); Programmed in C++ via the Arduino IDE; Programmed in Lua script using the NodeMCU firmware. In [...]

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