We are happy to release the first public beta version of Flowerino (i.e. Flower Platform + Arduino petal). If you are passionate about Arduino, Do-It-Yourself electronics projects and Internet of Things, then this tool is for you!

As many software developers, we (i.e. the Flower Platform team) like a lot to tinker (mainly with Arduino, Raspberry PI, radio modules, various boards/modules, displays, LEDs and stuff, etc.). Arduino and the whole ecosystem of board/modules/parts/sensors/etc. are similar to LEGO bricks. It’s easy and fun to make projects. But when it comes to programming these projects, people hit a wall. Which they eventually climb somehow.

With Flowerino, we want to eliminate this wall. We want to democratize the programming involved in such projects. We want to have LEGO like bricks also for the software side, as we have for the hardware side.

The landing page of Flowerino explains more.

Please note that right now we have an early beta version, which we’ll continuously evolve.
And don’t forget: we’d love to hear some feedback (e.g. on our forum).