Development for the Flower Platform MDA products are more intense than ever.

Our initial focus was on the following model driven flow:

  • we draw a diagram for the domain model (i.e. database structure);
  • the system generates an entire enterprise application, with a Java Enterprise Edition back end, and an HTML front end;
  • an intelligent code generation/synchronization mechanism allows us to add and customize business logic by hand. It coexists with the generated code (i.e. when we regenerate the code, our modifications are not overwritten).

We want to generalize the above. We want the system to be extensible. Thanks to a straight forward configuration mechanism (hot re-loadable):

  • we would be able to choose between multiple back ends;
  • and multiple front ends; e.g. an AngularJS implementation, a Polymer one, etc.;
  • and even support different types of applications; why not generate C++ code for Arduino that might be used in Do It Yourself / Internet of Things projects?

We would like to call these configuration extensions: petals. We like this metaphor; i.e. a flower is complete only together with it’s petals.

We plan to have a working version of the system this summer. Flower Platform MDA is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund, cf. here.